Locate Services - Digital Reconnaissance℠


Digital Reconnaissance

  One of the primary objectives in the collections and recovery process is to locate relevant address and telephone information to facilitate contact with the debtor. Digital Reconnaissance is a tool that does just that. Comprised of over 64 sources of information from demographic, credit, direct marketing purchase, and other identity data; Digital Reconnaissance is an effective tool to locate debtors within your portfolios. The solution also provides a score allowing you to assess the addresses validity and the debtor’s ability to pay.    Digital Reconnaissance will provide more precise and relevant address information thru the use of scores. This new dimension provides you with additional information in which to evaluate the contact information and debtor status prior to initiating a mail campaign or inserting into the dialer.     

Address Append


  • Address Append
  • Phone Append
  • Contact-ability Scores
  • Employment Verification
  • NCOA

Phone Append

Identify the appropriate phone to contact the consumer or verify the phone number to determine its status.  Determine if it is a mobile number, business or landline.

Employment Verification Services

  • Batch POE services 
    • Batch service using aggregated employment databases.  Search is conducted on a no hit no fee basis. 
  • Verified POE services
    • We conduct a 30 skip on individuals  to identify current place of employment.  Search is conducted on a no-hit no fee basis.