eBK Claims℠



Electronic Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Filing 

eBK Claims℠ allows creditors to automate their claims filing, transfer, withdrawal and amendment processing with the courts. This system provides record management and receipt handling to better manage the bankruptcy claims process with the federal courts, providing you with accountability of each account record and its status. In addition, eBK Claims is integrated along side the bankruptcy monitoring and notification process.

  • Automate your bankruptcy Proof of Claim filing directly from the moment you are notified.
  • The electronic process is initiated with a Proof of Claim request.
  • Request is verified and then generates the PDF 410 form along with supporting documentation (as required).
  • The system identifies the status of the case, correct court, filing format and submits the claim on your behalf.
  • The claims receipt is captured and is delivered back to you to update your system for monitoring and payment processing.
  • Maintain complete accountability of your:
    • Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Filing,
    • Claim Transfers,
    • Claim Amendments
    • Claim Withdrawals
    • Change of Address Filings


  • Ensure you meet the Proof of Claim deadline
  • Recover more dollars from your bankrupt accounts
  • Re-deploy human resources manually entering claims and creating PDF B10 Forms
  • Automatically verify that the case has not been dismissed, transferred, discharged or closed prior to claim filing
  • Update the claims receipt and claim number automatically in your recovery system.
  • Better claims tracking
  • Broaden your claims filing process to include Chapter 7 asset cases
  • Maintain the privacy or your customer information