Bankruptcy Monitoring

  • Bankruptcy database is updated daily in near real-time from all Federal U.S. Courts.  Bankruptcy database is complete from 1995 to present day.
  • Continuous account matching using priority matching algorithms.
  • Timely information for quicker decisioning and precise account actions.  

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Deceased Monitoring

  • Database contains over 145 million decedents and is updated daily and or weekly with new information.
  • Identify decedents earlier to remain compliant with FDCPA guidelines and combat fraudulent account activity.
  • Expedite your probate recovery process. 

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Consumer Complaint/Litigious Debtor Notification

  • Identify consumers that have filed FCRA, FDCPA, SCRA, TPCA and TILA lawsuits against others.
  • Information allows you to build a comprehensive recovery strategy to help mitigate your risk of future lawsuits.

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Active Duty Military Verification

  • Remain compliant with SCRA laws by systemically identifying active duty military personnel.
  • Integrated within your account monitoring processes.
  • Determine if an individual is actively serving, received a notice to serve or recently left active duty within 367 days across all branches of the military. 

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Mobile Phone Verification and Phone Append

  • Remain compliant with TCPA laws.
  • Verify the type and status of a phone number.
  • Determine if the phone number is a mobile phone, ported phone number, landline, VOIP, pager, business, answering service or invalid number. 

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Locate Services - Digital Reconnaissance℠

  • Address Append
  • Phone Append
  • Contact-ability Scores
  • Employment Verification
  • NCOA

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