Consumer Complaint Monitoring


Adjust your collection strategy

Consumer Complaint Monitoring Service aids creditors and collections agencies in identifying potential litigious debtors. This service provides you with the information to build different collection strategies on individuals that may be in the population and then funnel these accounts into the appropriate collection and recovery tactic or strategy. This allows you to help mitigate future lawsuits. The service provides federal case information for FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA, SCRA and TILA complaints.

Identify Litigious Attorneys

Each record contains the Plaintiff attorneys of record so you can build better communication strategies and settlement strategies when working with consumer attorneys.

Depth of Information

The consumer complaint information is aggregated daily from federal and state district courts.  The database contains complaints from 2000 forward to present.  Once captured information is cleansed, standardized and augmentation of address and ssn information is added to aid in proper identification.